Graphical interface to edit, play, and record Midi data

Midi - a short Overview

The Editor and its Components

Setting up MidiEditor

Editing Midi files


Recording Midi data

Edit Menu

Undo the last action.
Redo the last action which has been undone.
Select all
Select all events which are currently visible.
Select all events from channel...
Select all events which are assigned to a given channel.
Select all events from track...
Select all events which are assigned to a given track.
Copy events
Copy all selected events to the clipboard.
Paste events
Paste the copied events from the clipboard. The first event will start at the cursor position. Using the paste options (see below) the user can specify which track and channel the new events will be assigned to.
Paste options...
Lets the user specify, which channel and which track pasted events will be assigned to. Fixed tracks and channels can be chosen, or the channel and track from the copied events can be chosen. Also, the channel and track which have been chosen for new events can be selected.
Opens the settings dialog (see Setting up MidiEditor)


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