Graphical interface to edit, play, and record Midi data

Midi - a short Overview

The Editor and its Components

Setting up MidiEditor

Editing Midi files


Recording Midi data

Tools Menu

Current tool...
This menu contains a list of all available tools which can be selected for editing the file's content inside the event view (see below for details of the individual tools).
Standard tool
The standard tool combines all tools and is able to perform most actions needed to edit Midi data.
Select single Events
This tool can be used to select or deselect single events.
Select Events (Box)
This tool can be used to draw a box around events to select or deselect them.
Select all Events on the left side
Select all events occuring before a given time.
Select all Events on the left side
Select all events occuring after a given time.
Move Events (all directions)
Move all selected events in both directions.
Move Events (Left and Right)
Move all selected events left and right.
Move Events (Up and Down)
Move all selected events up and down.
Change the duration of the selected event
Change the duration of all selected notes.
Create new Events
Add new events to the file.
Eraser (remove events)
Remove events from the file.
Remove selected events
Remove all currently selected events.
Align left
Makes all selected events start at the same time. This time is equal to the start time of the leftmost selected event.
Align right
Makes all selected events end at the same time. This time is equal to the end time of the rightmost selected event.
Makes all selected events have the same duration as well as the same start and end times. The new duration is equal to the average duration of the selected events.
Quantify selection
Quantifies all selected events. After quantization, the events will have exact notelengths (quarters, 8ths etc.). Also their timing inside the measure will be exact. The smallest fraction (i.e. the smallest duration of the notes) can be specified using the menu "Quantization fractions" (see below). Click here for details
Quantization fractions
Set the smallest note duration for the quantization. Click here for details
Quantify tuplet...
As tuplets cannot be quantified with the above explained tools, select the notes which belong to the tuplet and click "Quantify tuplet...". A dialog will popup which lets you enter details for the tuplet quantization. Click here for details
Repeat tuplet quantization
Select the notes belonging to a tuplet. Click this menu item in order to quantify the tuplet with the last entered properties (using the menu item above). Click here for details
Add track
Adds a new, empty track to the Midi file. Click here for details
Remove events from channel...
Removes all events which are currently assigned to a specified channel.Click here for details
Move events to channel...
Assigns all selected events to the specified channel. Click here for details
Move events to track...
Assigns all selected events to the specified track. Click here for details
Transpose selection...
Transposes selected events up or down, based on semitone numbers entered by the user in the opening dialog.
Set file duration
Set the song's duration in milliseconds. If the entered duration is smaller then the current duration, everything beyond the new end of the file will be removed.
Scale events
Scales the timing of all selected events.
Enables or disables the magnet. The magnet can be used to align moved, scaled, or newly created events to the specified raster. Click here for details


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