Graphical interface to edit, play, and record Midi data

Midi - a short Overview

The Editor and its Components

Setting up MidiEditor

Editing Midi files


Recording Midi data

View Menu

This menu contains items which allow you to zoom in or out (horizontal and vertical) and to restore the default zoom settings.
Show all channels
Sets all channels to visible.
Hide all channels
Hides all channels. Events from hidden channels will not be shown in the event view.
Show all tracks
Sets all tracks to be visible.
Hide all tracks
Hides all tracks. Events from hidden tracks will not be shown in the event view.
Provides two items which let the user select whether the events' colors shown in the event view are obtained from the events' channels or from their tracks.
The raster shown in the event view (click here for details) can be customized with this menu. The raster can be turned off or set to the known note lengths (i.e. quarters, 8ths, etc.).


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